GrooveKart Overview

GrooveKart has been secretly in development for 2 years. Its goal is to help you make a six-figure income with your online business venture a reality. Among other things, this groundbreaking platform will give you social proof, high converting templates, scarcity, upsells, bumps, downsells, retargeting, timers, reviews, and more.

The creators of this platform understand very well that getting your products out there is the key to getting the kind of sales you desire. Sure, today there are plenty of ways you can market your products to your target market segments. But most of the options at your disposal will only do a decent job – GrooveKart goes well beyond this, as this GrooveKart review will help explain.

GrooveKart is a fresh new eCommerce platform that will reduce the costs associated with apps. Additionally, GrooveKart has a large selection of built-in features, which makes it better than its typical alternatives. Therefore, having successful eCommerce strategies is easier with this new platform.

GrooveKart Features

There is a lot GrooveKart can do for its users. For one thing, it helps save time. While a salesperson can work for limited number of hours, a platform like GrooveKart does not sleep – it can keep working round the clock.

Additionally, the platform is compatible with current systems for those looking to make the switch. The platform even allows you to import your Shopify store, and this takes a few seconds. And why wouldn’t you want to make this change? GrooveKart is significantly more powerful, thanks to the additional features it brings with it. In fact, this eCommerce platform has so many features that many other alternatives at your disposal will pale in comparison when put side by side.

Finally, GrooveKart is easier on the pocket as well. Setting it up is very cheap. Additionally, you can have the assurance that this being a state-of-the-art platform, you will get more than your money’s worth by choosing to use it. This is incredible considering that GrooveKart’s competitors include towering eCommerce names like Shopify.

Who is GrooveKart For?

Basically, this platform is intended for anyone who wants to own an online store; and a successful one at that. You do not even need to have the skills to create an online store to enjoy this amazing product. GrooveKart is a software that makes creating an online eCommerce site a bliss, even for those unexperienced in the craft.

Admittedly, there are many softwares in the market that are focused on people who want to set up successful eCommerce sites fast. However, GrooveKart is a welcome exception as it blows many of these options out of the water in many regards; most notably with regard to ease, cost and breadth of features.

Therefore, there is no better way to have a profit-worthy business presence online at the moment than with the help of GrooveKart. This platform is great for anyone who does not have much experience launching a successful online enterprise, as well as anyone who needs a little help making their current eCommerce site a success.

GrooveKart Founders

GrooveKart is the brainchild of two great names in the eCommerce world – Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta.

Mike Filsaime has founded companies like EverWebinar, Marketer’s Cruise and Kartra in the past. Having launched several multi-million dollar companies, Mike is no stranger to helping turn great eCommerce ideas into raging successes.

In addition to the digital marketing expertise that Mike brings to the table, GrooveKart also benefits from the experience that its other co-founder, John Cornetta, brings with him. As the owner of eCommerce stores that do 6 figures every moth, John influence has been critical in helping make GrooveKart as user-friendly as possible so that it can be more affordable and feature-rich.

These guys have put their reputation behind this product, which is quite an assurance that it delivers exactly what it promises. GrooveKart, like many other products and services Mike and John have thrown their weight behind, offers trustworthiness, quality, and integrity. This is more than can be said of some of the options you have at your disposal today.


The secrets to online business success have something to do with the online eCommerce platforms chosen. It does not matter how new or old, or big or small your business is. People are buying online today more than they ever have.

Indications are that this will go on for quite a while. So, you might as well use all the resources and aids at your disposal by tapping the benefits offered by eCommerce platforms such as GrooveKart. This eCommerce platform will make it easier and more affordable to take your business to its next level of success whether you are a newbie to the online business world, a coach, or even a consultant in eCommerce matters.

GrooveKart’s prelaunch will be from 4th to 17th September, while the cart will be open from 18th to 25th September. So, mark the date and get ready to enjoy one of the greatest innovations the eCommerce world has had in today’s fiercely competitive online business world.

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